The randomly nothing thread

Maybe they should walk further to the supermarket then. That is a corner shop milk.

I am glad i don’t drink hot drinks and have a problem where I care about this stuff.

That’s coming back!

We use a service called Milk and More and there’s another service called Modern Milkman that does it as well.

They also deliver butter, cheese, pastries etc

It never went away. Where I live, it’s always been a thing

From the famous cornership called Tesco?


I dropped some houmous on my baby’s head at lunch yesterday. Felt like a middle class baptism of sorts.


Was the wifey angry or did she share your sense of humous?


That is not Tesco Milk

Don’t worry, we know you’re not.

It literally says Tesco on the bottle in the picture. Is this a misfiring attempt at humour or are you being a bit dense this morning? :grin:

I’m not a middle class baptism?

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I’m just from Essex.

And now you live there, you have to accept all my opinions on you and the place.

How you finding the stones by the way? Southend is such a shit beach! You gotta go to Frinton. Though there is no bar there.

Our post lady Jane is OK!!! Well, she’s ok-ish but she’s definitely not dead or sick or quit like we feared.

Context: during covid we got really close to our post lady Jane as my gf and I were WFH for like 2 years and Jane is a big dog person so she would always come with treats for the dog and have a chat with us like every day. We got her Christmas cards and Amazon gift cards too as she always has treats for the dogs on her route.

Then about a year ago she stopped coming and we haven’t seen her since. We got quite worried but none of the other postmen we asked would say anything so we thought maybe something tragic had happened. Anyway I saw a different postman today and just asked him straight up if something had happened to Jane. Turns out she fell off her bike a year ago and broke her wrist and she’s not been able to push her trolley/carry her bag due to rehab etc. and has been on desk duty since but should be back on her route in a couple of months when she’s all healed up!

So there’s that. My girlfriend has her phone on DND so I didn’t know who else to share to good news with :joy: :joy:


EEEEwww… Some people just dont know when to stop.


Not even when it gets to this:


Talking on the radio this morning about pigs in blankets and how some people eat them all the time and not just Christmas :exploding_head:

Some people even have them for breakfast regularly lol.

How do you enjoy and look forward to them on Christmas Day if you have them regularly.

Not for me at all Clive.

When I ate meat I had sausage and bacon fairly regularly. Wrapping that bacon around the sausage isn’t some kind of sacred act for me so I’d have happily destroyed a pig in a blanket any time any place.

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Why can’t you get mince pies all year around. I could gladly eat them in any month.

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Stick em in a roll, HP sauce, proper breakfast!


Another thing forgetting your card holder/wallet would have been a day ruiner before. Thank god for Apple Pay :joy:

Old, but gold.