The randomly nothing thread

I don’t know what royalty/residual structures exist in the digital world, but I doubt it’s any better than what it was back in the record days. Much variation and everyone grabbing what they could. Best scenario was session work - £14 per, working in a small geographical area, get to go home every night. Mind you, the road was more fun - most of the time. :slight_smile:

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Inpost is the one that pisses me off. I sold trainers on Vinted and the buyer asks me to use Inpost. Seems fairly simple…you put the package in an Inpost locker and then one of the delivery dudes picks it up and delivers it. The problem I found was that there weren’t any free lockers. The website would says there are lockers available at a certain location, but if you go down they’re all full. I live in North London and I’ve had to go all the way to Ilford, East London to find a locker that was free. Absolute mess.


I suppose it depends what levels you are playing on and how you utilise your talent, I’m classically trained so have gone through whatever I could as it’s unbelievably competitive, but it’s all I know so sacrifices have been made obviously. Orchestral work isn’t well paid but secure, every musician I know has taught at some stage or gone on to do theatre work.
But digital royalties are tiny compared to physical recordings cheques.

Got to love missing out on the cold throughout 2022 then getting it the very first month of 2023. :joy:

Had the exact same issue in North London too. I sold some clothes on vinted, went to an in post locker and just couldn’t find a free one. So I ended up just contacting the buyer and apologising and letting them know I can’t send the item. I refused to travel to another side of London just to post something.

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Also had the same issue with inpost lockers in Southend, however I just waited a day til a locker was freed up. Just gotta move quickly once one is clesr after the item is picked up, which they are pretty regularly.

This is the link for it

Done it as I was curious on what it would be tbf :joy:

Looks like I better get the pom poms out

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I thought it was only now that I didn’t know chart music, but it turns out in 2012 I was out of touch too.

Edit: just listened to the no1, and yeah I do know it, they play it towards the end of the night in London bars, at like 3am.



but why do this to a deodorant can?

So the algorithm throws this article my way, and I scroll on by before doing a double take, scrolling back up and thinking that the woman in the thumbnail looks awfully familiar.

After pondering it for about a minute, I think I’ve worked out exactly where I recognise her from, and after a bit of internet detective work, I manage to find a meme/post from years ago

Honestly, my wife can ask me to buy three items from the shop and in the two minutes it takes me to get there I’ll have forgotten the third item ever even existed, but my brain can remember seeing some run of the mill Karen-based reddit shitpost from 5 fucking years ago :joy:


The amount of bollockings I’ve had for doing the exact same thing is incredible haha.

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My favourite story of the day


I’ve implemented a system where I get it as a list. Otherwise it’s not my fault if I forget the third item.

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Makes sense if he has never had a bit of her jam.

If I returned from a trip and my chicken nuggies and alphabetti spaghetti supplies were depleted I’d instantly know that my wife had a bit on the side.

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Went out in Camden for the first time last night for a friends leaving do. Had a great time in Blue Kitchen and then went to Jazz Cafe (which didn’t have much to do with Jazz) until 3am.

Fun time but fuck me Camden is sketch at that time of night, felt like an episode of Top Boy.

Took an hour to get home on the night bus as well, fuck that.


It’s always been dodgy to be fair.

Pretty mad that you have regents park around the corner from it, with the massive white town houses and well to do residents and right around the corner, you have hostels housing people with massive drug addictions and mental health problems.

Apart from that, I do like visiting it once in a while :smile:

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The head gave himself a nice bonus though.

From test and trace fame. Great resume. What a speccy cunt he is


I really need to anticipate what the next craze for this is gonna be and just rinse these morons for everything.

In comparison, I’m in Hammersmith today/tonight. It’s definitely got classier since I was last here.

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