The randomly nothing thread

Talk to his wife the absolute worst option btw, why is everyone going for it :ozil:

Hey luv, I’m really in love with your best mate Jenny now, she’s so hot and non mumsy, just wanted to let you know that the constant flirting we’ve been doing for 10 years wasn’t in your imagination.

Or hey luv, how about you smarten yourself up a bit and put some effort in? I know you’re 58 now but that’s no excuse for sloppiness.


:joy: :joy:

Yeah what the fuck are people expecting him to say to his wife that will end this situation in happiness lol

Maybe he should suggest a threesome to his wife, I’ve heard women love that


There are some films on the internet where women don’t just love it, they actually suggest it. :grinning:


Fucking love middle aged women working the night shift in supermarkets.

Try and buy a packet of fags and get ID’ed, point out I’m 32, get told I look 25 tops and walk home with a fag in mouth and a spring in my step.

Cheers babe.


Speaking of supermarkets. Morrisons into Europa league now. Questions have to be asked here about manager


1 goal to show for it all



Absolutely love reading trash on Reddit or whatever about John the randy twat suggesting an open relationship to his missus, to only discover that no women want to shag him. Meanwhile, the wife is getting a good and regular seeing to from Mike the Amazon delivery driver, and refuses to go back to the old relationship. Poor old John. Back to wanking in the bathroom you go pal, except now they’ll be 85% more depressing than before

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but did it in the style of a performance art piece about a miserable depressive hermit utterly consumed by a hated of football.

I don’t think he hated football, he just hated anyone who wasn’t Liverpool.
But he, like the other Liverpool players who lost the title at their ground on the last game of the season, certainly despised us. :grinning:

He wasn’t at Liverpool in 1989.

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Hansen the prick certainly falls into this category

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Took me absolutely ages to find time to start listening to Athletico Mince. Bob Mortimer is fucking hilarious. This shit had me on the floor. His impression segments are so, so good. This clip is so fucking quotable I just don’t even know where to start :arteta:

Tinned meat, harm, shit and wallop…and that’s the Burnley way

Also his Neil Warnock impressions are just outstanding


Haha it’s a very underrated podcast!

He does so many good impressions. The Adrian Lewis (dart player) one, when he goes into the all-meat restaurant near Ally Pally is some of the funniest stuff I’ve heard. Peter Beardsley’s wife is excellent and the ‘disco-beard’ Dyche stuff is top notch :arteta3:

I started listening to the whole thing from the beginning and worked my way forward chronologically, so I’m around the 100 episode mark in the series. Try not to binge it too hard in the effort to not have to wait for episodes. It’s such a good podcast.

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If the second Piccadilly that I got today was Coventry Street I’d have a 2k holiday :joy:

If one of my 4 Piccadillys and Leicester Squares were a Coventry Street I too would have won a holiday.

Gotta keep eating.

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I’m one off that the 100k and the 1k home entertainment lol annoying

I’m sensing that not many Coventry Streets were printed in this “random” game.


i reckon the number is extremely close to 0…if not actually 0.

Ever since i can remember this game has been going and not once have i heard of anyone winning anything of substance.

This is no time for outlandish conspiracy theories