The Randomly Nothing thread

Correct me if I am wrong but you recommended the first one for sex to Cristo. I remember googling it.


I reckon I could sex Cristo without pharmaceutical aids. Filthy casuals


I would need some sleeping pills though

Loving the ferrari horse branding


And a hard on to last a week. :sweat_smile:


Need to get me some of that

Viagra for working out?

It’ll certainly give you a big pump in certain muscles but dunno if it’s the ones you’d want :ozil:

Just makes you extra vascular haha. Not tried viagra on its own pre workout though, I’m talking about the super vidalista which is a blend apparently


:joy::joy::joy: has anyone done this?



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I don’t get it

Lol, so old.

I don’t get it either.

If you get a missed call from a number you don’t recognise, then you can save the number as a contact on your phone and then search for that contact on Whatsapp so you can view their pic to find out who it is.


But by the above description, I feel like I am too young to get it?

I was gonna re-read The Godfather recently, but I had a spare Audible credit and noticed that there is an audio book narrated by Joe Mantegna, who has been in heaps of things and was one of the high points for me in Godfathwr Part 3 playing Joey Zasa.

Would recommend. His voice work really brought something extra to it, much like Laurence Fishburne narrating Malcolm X’s autobiography. Which I’d recommend even more highly.

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Audiobooks are the best, I remember Stephen King once said that he recommends an audiobook as the perfect medium for digesting a novel, as the story is read at the pace it’s meant to be read at. You get a narrator with a voice like butter and it’s game over.

I still remember listening to King’s The Stand on audiobook about 10 years ago, the entire run time was 50 plus hours. Still though, it’s amazing how quickly you can get through it when you have audible on your phone.


Even more so than Larry Fishburne, Steve Coogan reading Alan Partridge’s autobiography as Alan Partidge makes it at least 75% better than it is in the written form.

Recently just listened to James Ellroy’s The LA Quartet, which contains LA Confidential and The Black Dahlia, and it was just brilliant. The narrator really nailed the neo noir vibe.

This is a top book, isn’t it?

I especially like how the book follows through on bits we haven’t seen in the film (e.g. the revenge for the assault on Bonasera’s daughter)

It also completely disregards the fact that Sonny Corleone could ever have had a baby with his goomah (grows up to be Andy Garcia in Godfather 3) as her story in the novel goes a different route.


It is a top book, very enjoyable to see aspects of the story fleshed out.

Though I must say, I did feel like the whole section about Sonny’s bit on the side going to Vegas to get the nice doctor to fix her vagina to be a slightly perplexing inclusion. Didn’t need a whole segment predicated on how big Sonny’s dick is, that had already been made clearer than was really necessary haha

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Yeah a lot of people remember this part of the novel :joy: (and it adds to the reason Andy Garcia couldn’t have been born. It would have been better if Garcia’s character was one of Sonny’s “legitimate” kids from Godfather 1. He had 3 or 4 knocking about from what I recall)

Puzo put a lot of Vito Andolini’s early life in the novel, too, making Godfather 2 much easier to screenplay. In actual fact, when Coppola used his own creative licence, he ruined it

Michael killing Fredo, the two cousins getting together in Godfather 3, etc etc

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