The Randomly Nothing thread

Betfred in the mud. You love to see it. Hope he enjoys his winnings :champagne::clinking_glasses:


Got his original jackpot plus interest :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Fucking scummy cunt bookmakers. The whole fucking thing is totally rigged in their favour, then they try to worm out of it when they actually have to pay out the massive jackpots they use as bait to draw people in. What a vile display of pure greed.

Hope he enjoys his champers, he can certainly afford a decent bottle.


Walking home from the barbers in the pouring rain like



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Pleased with your trim?

I’m so fucking jealous man. I’m having to sweep my hair back these days as it’s the only way to look remotely presentable.

Which is fine, except I feel like I’m personally fucking the ozone layer with the amount of hairspray required every day, and I’m also looking increasingly like Mark Kermode with each passing day.


England not to far behind. Monday for you guys. You got one booked mate?

Yeah love it looking in the mirror it’s like a different person :joy:


Never seen a man this chuffed about his haircut or even prospect of getting a haircut


At least you’re not looking like Will Gompertz

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You’re damn right. It’s better to be WFH when the alternative is Scousers at work :joy:

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Didn’t work out too bad as they lost to Madrid by the end of the shift.:upside_down_face:

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@BizzySignal Going in for my tattoo tomorrow. I believe the technical term is “shitting myself” with nervousness. :gabriel:

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:joy::rofl: You can do it bro. This time tomorrow it will be all over and you will be itching to take the dressing off and take pictures of it! Honestly doesn’t hurt that much at all, it’s a similar sensation to having one of those old school trimmers that get hot and pinch and catch a little when the barber cutting the back of your neck.

The fear is always greater than the actual pain, worst comes to worst which I doubt you will need (as if you can deal with the pain of raising a toddler, keeping a dog and working you can deal with anything) you can always ask for a numbing agent.

had a pretty embarrasing moment at work today, I got called over to the till because the cue was getting long, as I was walking over I twisted my ankle right in front of everyone waiting in line, I nearly fell over because of it but I recovered and just hobbled over like nothing happened


ngl if I didn’t already know it was prince Philip dying and the radio cut out mid song with a few seconds of quiet before coming on this is BBC News I would have had a heart attack wondering what the fuck has happened :joy:

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Do you get Sky Sports notifications? They sent one saying “please turn to Sky News for an important breaking story.” A bit like the TV version of click baiting. Just announce the news in the notification!


I have the sky sports app and get push notifications but didn’t get that one lol

It’s sad he’s died but the radio is now fucked until his funeral due to the national mourning.

Which is annoying as I like it on when I wfh haha

Bet there’s more than 30 at this funeral.


It’s only BBC radio, isn’t it? They’ll all be Radio 4 for a while. Can you not switch it up with Heart or Absolute or whatever you get up there.

Just stick on your government issued Best of The Proclaimers for a bit instead.


I might have to next week haha. Clyde 1 will have to come off the subs bench :joy:

I’ve been watching the first season of The Crown so I feel like I know a bit more about Prince Phillip and the kind of character he is.

I just appreciated how much he never gave a fuck. RIP.