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Yeah I guess London is just so packed and trafficked it’s hard to expand the roads and put in the lanes as needed.

Well done, passing a driving test it in London is an achievement in itself.
I wouldn’t worry about driving there, it’s finding somewhere to park that is more difficult.

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Thanks! Pretty chuffed I only got 2 minors as well.

My girlfriend and I never really drive into central because of the congestion charge and emissions zone, and we usually only drive it to big shopping centres or supermarkets with park so hopefully I won’t be dealing too much with that shit.

Any insurance recommendations?

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I recommend that you get some insurance. :papa:

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I passed my driving test so long ago that I don’t know what the expression, “only got 2 minors as well” is.
Does it mean you have to aim your car at two small children?"

It’s cheaper to use public transport.


Well done @Cristo It took me 5 attempts to pass my driving test :see_no_evil:

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In fairness I did my first test in 2018 and then waited until now to do my 2nd and 3rd :joy:

My theory expires in March hahaha

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Congratz @Cristo. Im taking drivers license atm. Having my theory test or whatever its called in english tommorow. Enjoy the freedom being able to drive gives u brother :raul:


This made me laugh way more than it should have.

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4 for me :rofl::joy: Though, like @Cristo I concede one or two of those fails are harsh fortune!


Congrats, Cristo. About the girl in front fucking up the junctions, and about the bus overtaking - couldn’t you have called for VAR? :slight_smile:

Sign up to all the main insurance comparison websites and see which quotation is the cheapest. You can save your car details in there for next year which makes it a lot quicker next time around. Confused, Comparethemarket and Moneysupermarket are the ones I use I think.

If your missus has been driving for a few years, then the cheaper option is to add you to her insurance as a second named driver. Insuring yourself in your own right is always expensive in the first few years, even if you’re over 25.

I lived in the Midlands prior to London, and my insurance was c. £350 for a relatively modest Ford Focus (at the time it was probably 7 or 8 years old). Same car when I moved to London was about £900 iirc. Driving in London swells the insurance costs unfortunately.

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Robery Pires special on Sky Sports

Wonder if they’ll show his selfie with @JakeyBoy.

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Or his selfie with @Pires

It’ll be like looking in a mirror only…not.

This is someone’s job :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: hope it’s worth it

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Is there a petrol head thread and a naked lady thread still??

I think they had a naked man thread (in the interests of fairness).

Inevitably, they both got shut down

Ah gotta go with the times I suppose.

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How many weetabix do you have for breakfast?

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