The Randomly Nothing thread

I feel like the whole purpose of this article wasn’t so much to do with tennis as it was toxic masculinity.


Yeah and that could very well explain the way the question was framed.
Very difficult to tell if they meant the whole game or just a ‘game’ within the match.


You give that to the son and he switches.

Heck you give that to me and I will switch

Its a disease i tell ya a filthy scummy festering disease :gabriel:

Hahaha. Pretty sure it affects only Spurs fans.

Threaten to take away the roof you’ve put over his head. Far more effective than hypnosis.

I’m on the mend now, which is just as well given I have work at 730am. I’ve had the most scattered sleep ever though.

Cheers pal.

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Can vouch for this, I lived in Norway and the sun never really set which is brilliant when you’ve been out all night drinking and it’s still day time :joy:, Winter time would start to get light at 10am and the sun would be gone again around 2.30pm


Every single person in the UK is believed to be naturally Vitamin D deficient, must be difficult living during the winter at those latitudes

Well it’s enough of an issue that they pay %19.5 tax instead of %25 on income the depressed bastards :joy:


“This is very sad,” the 39-year-old told Nerikes Allehanda.

“There are a lot of people with strange names in Sweden. There is even someone called Potato. Maybe someone at Skatteverket is an Arsenal fan?”


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I say let him make a total cunt of himself if he wants to


well if they allow Potato but not Tottenham, why not go the half measure and call yourself ‘spuds’ that might be doable its a nice compromise.

I know Potato. Good guy.

It was a pretty rough period for you lot when he disappeared that time though.


I feel like I’ve been told off and sent to bed early and all my mates are still playing out. I’m getting into bed now and it’s still completely sunny outside!

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I don’t really like Madonna as a person, so up herself

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the week after next I have a 1 week holiday from work, not sure weather to go out everyday and meet up with my friends that I don’t see that much/ go out places on my own as well or stay in everyday and just do nothing, or as a third choice of mixing them both together