The Randomly Nothing thread

really love the new asian girl on ssn

I had a weird dream last night.

We’re doing 360 Reviews at work where you have to pick 8 people from your and different teams to give you feedback which then gets collated by your manager into one big review and then you get a mark out of "Needs Development’, “Good”, and “Exceeds”.

Basically I dreamt we did the same thing here on OA, with the mods collating our individual reviews :poldi:

I can’t remember everyone that I picked but I picked @Calum I know that because @Mysty leaked Calum’s review of me in a thread (he even used spoiler tags haha).

Calum absolutely fucking hammered me haha Calling me a pretentious, judgemental Chelsea boy that pretends to hate Love Island but actually loves it and how I started out as a nice user but now I was a cunt :wenger:

Obviously no projections or insecurities there whatsoever haha

Fucking hell boys, you’ve know you’ve been here too long when the forum and it’s users start invading your dreams



My dream self got it spot on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well that sounds totally atrocious. Fuck that


That’s a pretty fair assessment by Calum

Haha yeah, the craziest thing is it starts in July and you don’t get your review feedback until November at which point it might not even be relevant anymore?

Also if you get anything below “Exceeds”, you’re in the crosshairs for getting the old sackaroo come the annual March purge where 10% of the company is fired.

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Arsenal should do this imo. Instead we can call it the annual May purge


You are the 10 percent.

thank you, next

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One of my new favourite Twitter accounts


Loooooooool I don’t even know how people come up with this stuff sometimes

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Do the people who run yahoo also run arsenal? :thinking:


Google wouldn’t have been what it is if Yahoo bought them, so it wouldn’t have been worth whatever they would have paid at any given point.

The shutter on Yahoo was on since 2000s so I don’t know what Microsoft was thinking.


Bing was first rolled out in 2009. Maybe they wanted to buy Yahoo and rebrand that instead?


In July 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo! announced a deal in which Bing would power Yahoo! Search.[6] All Yahoo! Search global customers and partners made the transition by early 2012.[7] The deal was altered in 2015, meaning Yahoo! was only required to use Bing for a “majority” of searches.[8]

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Is Kroenke in among that anywhere?

Man you need to GTFO there ASAP to your new green paradise industry.

Reminds me of a guy who applied for a role to trade diesel on the desk. In the interview he was given an assessment test that insulted him so much he answered the following question ‘What is a spread?’ with ‘Like marmalade’ :joy::joy::joy:

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b r u h

I’m heading there straight after work

Absolutely perfect for Friday nights when I’m about seven pints deep. You’re doing God’s work Cal


I haven’t had KFC since my stag a couple years ago. The food in Prague was so shit we had KFC every single day lol


LOL we were there last year in October and that was literally our every day dinner too

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