The Randomly Nothing thread


Better badge and more discreet sponsor JVC.


:joy: Best episode of the sopranos


Quite weird that my post in ‘grind my gears’ thread didn’t bump the thread to first page of Crossbar section, unless it got censored.


Pauli was such a little bitch in this episode :sob::sob::sob:


Found twenty quid on the floor this morning, surely means its gonna be a great day.

Maybe not, but at least if it is shit, I’ll still have found twenty quid .


The big question on @Luca_from_Italy’s lips is that 20 quid of weed or 20 quid of gambling?


Give it to Arsenal we might need it for the summer


40 million quid + 20


5 quid on two small salmon and egg Pret baguettes instead of the usual bowl of cereal at my desk, 5 quid for tomorrow’s lunch and a tenner for the homeless guy who is always near my office.

#spreadthelove #virtuesignalling


I had a mate with a betting problem. Lost his wage packet one day. Found it the next day on a fence we climbed the previous day.
His logic was it must be his lucky day and put the lot on a couple of horses. You can guess the outcome. . .



Although as a Scot I did consider spending it all on Irn Bru




What an advert :joy::joy::joy:


Oh fuck fair play for the attempt but I couldn’t help feel seriously uncomfortable watching that.


I wonder how much money is necessary to further advertise yourself as being the country’s most famous cuck.


Already drunk a beer and a bottle of wine. Friday night’s alright for fighting, you @JakeyBoy


Are you done or having some more?


I sorta feel like this is more of an advertisement for the old double murder suicide route.


More :kos2: