The Randomly Nothing thread


The best burger is your classic no nonsense hamburger


5 guys so far is the best i have had in the UK mmmmmm gooooood :giroud2:


Massively overpriced


5 guys is the best you’ve ever had you say? :henry2:


oh yeah for fucking sure, massively massively overpriced but once in a blue moon i dont mind splurging on one, they are soooo nice.


STOP IT :xhaka:


The best burger I’ve ever had was some restaurant when I was in London last Easter. Honestly don’t think I’ll ever get a better burger in my life


you remember what it was?


Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll be sure to go there




Anyone got the new android OI on there phone? I got it tonight. They’ve made everything bigger haha not sure I’m a fan


Fml, I’m lying in bed on a Friday night with a hot water bottle craving a burger while reading @JakeyBoy post on savage mode

But I’m very content




Best burger I’ve had in a restaurant is bread meets bread


Classic Jakey, love it.

The best burger I’ve had was in Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton. Think you get it free if you manage to finish the meal. Was pretty gut-busting.


Yessssss! I’ve had that challenge too, huge burger and a massive milkshake aswell if I remember correct.


Gotta be worth a go if our very own chef enjoyed it :grin:


All this talk of bruised banana here is a lock screen version of it I found on the internet last year. I posted it on here already but here it is again if you missed it


Scenes! Didn’t even know this was a thing :sunglasses: