The Randomly Nothing thread


Luca gonna be on one in a few hours. :poldi:


@JakeyBoy thinks he’s fucking cool standing outside station kebab house smoking a cigarette


Is this cunt drinking a lot today again?


LOL you beat me to it somehow, I saw you two minutes ago, you posted this before we said hello. Fucking weirdo stalker cunt. Tried to walk past me and not say hello as well

Jumped straight on OA to talk about the randomness of seeing you so i could @ you, thought id be the sad cunt @ing you…

I was simply waiting for a mate btw…


Haha I saw you as I was walking past but had to collect my friend so figured I’d see you walking back haha


I like how you two had never met before after all these years and now you’ve seen each other twice in two months :smiley:


@SRCJJ just left The Earl of Chatham, I’d love to slate it but i did just soend three to four hours in there.

But despiye what i just said, I hve to say tht i soent alk that time by the bar and it smelled like BO or farts the whole time alternately

Awfl oub hahaha


My classic avatar is back courtesy of @Mysty and his incredible archive of stuff from the old OA forums!




Wank worthy.


“Exposure” :unai:


OA is so great we even have our own meme :joy: poor @Stroller wonder how long this will last haha


Yeah im ageing rapidly by the week this year. Good news im nearing retirement quicker than expected.


Anyone know much about the Data Protection Act?

Basically my boss at work has asked us staff to upload a copy of our driving licenses or passports, to a shared drive which around 100 members of staff have access to.

This means all of us who have access to that shared folder will be able to go into that particular folder and see everyone’s passports or driving licenses.

I’ve told my boss I’m not particularly happy for my personal to be exposed in this manner. Surely this is some sort of breach of the DPA for us to be asked to do this?


Did your boss tell you why they need/want all that data?

I’m not sure if it’s in breech of anything but you might want to check out GDPR, the EU-wide data protection law that came into force last year. It covers new rules on obtaining and storing data, but I’d imagine your company are sure they are not breaching it.


You can decline it. It’s your personal information and it’s your privacy; it’s information they require your consent to be able to disclose. So just don’t give them your consent.


<> Man from MM’s work gets woman he likes details from server
<> Goes ahead and stalks said woman.
<> Police investigation “How did you get her address?”
<> Stalker: “From work server. Everyone’s details are there”
<> Woman lawyers up. ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££.

Genuinely though, I wouldn’t be comfortable having all that info out there for all my colleagues to see.


Generally it’s ok to hold that stuff in shared areas but it’s all about governance and audit ability if something was to happen in terms of a breach. They’d certainly want to have policies around retention and deletion of documents also to account for people leaving etc.

I think you’re well within your rights to not provide it outright though. Unless you’re working in a driving job can’t think why any employer would need that. Do all your communication in regards to this over email.


Thanks all for the replies.

We work in IT in conjunction with TFL so need access to server rooms etc within secured parts of tube stations. Boss wants our details to apply for certain permits/passes to grant us access.

Still don’t know why we can’t just email them privately and the boss does the rest. Seems a really unecessary way of going about it tbh.


How can this be legal?