The Randomly Nothing thread


What do you eat the avocado with?


Fair lol.

Any special fats or just like the unsaturated ones?


It’s the texture of avocado that I can’t stand.

But if I’m having Mexican I never skimp on the guacamole, that shits incredible


I have it on it’s own literally as soon as I wake up. I’ve tried to combine it with things over the years but it’s horrible and I’m just at peace with that lol

I just shoot for the good unsaturated fats and don’t pay too much mind to which ones are in it. I know dark chocolate is a really good and underrated one 'cause of the good fatty acids it has in it which is said to reduce risk of heart disease amongst other things.

My end goal is just to hit my fat macros for the day.


On its own its too rich for me, I always end up mashing it with some chilli flakes, salt and lemon juice at least it also has some taste then too.


fair, yeah some studies have said dark chocolate may reduce risk of heart disease. Never checked why though.

I suppose the other option is to have oily fish for breakfast lol


Avocado is absolutely insane, simply love it :heart_eyes:.


Not gonna post videos anymore, just updates. Sorry, but they have told me this so i have to follow the rules.


Thanks for all you have mate. Cant be helped.


No, you weren’t told this.


Well there isn’t another website to get the goals so he is right technically lol


He can post whatever he wants. If I see ads I’m deleting. So no, he isn’t.


@Luca_from_Italy just use or some other similar site to shorten the URL’s, which disables the embedding, while remaining a clickable link.

There, solved. No more crying like a baby.


The football club version of he’s 28 until he’s 29


Birmingham is at it again. Shut down the city for a make-up artist :arteta: :facepalm:


Here I was hoping the fade of makeup would reduce.
Thank goodness we men have no such culture for makeup.


That’s a man wearing makeup you do know that don’t you


I know but it’s an outlier.


Just had it with my breakfast this morning. Texture is a bit slimy but it’s quite tasty overall!


1:45 Eat your heart out Japan