The Randomly Nothing thread






Whatsapp appears to be down :ambulance:. In the London area anyway.


Working here in The Netherlands


Working for me, I’m in London


Yeah it was down for me too. At 18.17 for a good 10 mins I couldn’t send anything




He said he was going to the game on Friday not the Chelsea game haha what are bet365 watching?!

Also everytime he said Arsenal it got heavily booed by the audience :joy:


“Sorry, but the tweet doesn’t exist”

Jade :bellend: :facepalm:


It was supposed to be about this…


Bit awkward haha


So I guess some people are just good actors.

John Krasinski once said about Steve Carrel “He is nothing without a script”




Avocado is kind of rubbish isn’t it?

Let’s all be real here.


I have to eat half an avocado every morning and I think it’s disgusting. Over one year and I still can’t stand it.


Why do you have to?

Had it a couple times for brunch and I really never got the hype.


Avocado is high in healthy fats, probably the main reason why I eat them, either in an avocado & tuna salad, or in a smoothie mixed with other fruits, pretty disgusting otherwise.


Incase anyone is wondering what the avocado controversy is all about. Interesting read


I have it for my healthy fats in the morning. Except on leg day where I have 25g of Lindt 85% cocoa dark chocolate bar. Which is just the greatest piece of chocolate