The Randomly Nothing thread


@Bl1nk 's having second thoughts about the name change :grin: He’s considering having a totally different name. Could take some advice from @Persona on how well that goes down :arteta:

Name suggestions!


he should be able to change his name if he wants who gives a fuck what anyone else thinks


Next you’ll be saying that people should be allowed to choose their own pronouns. Fucking millenials.


Alright, what should my name be then?




He can’t use that as JakeyBoy is already taken



I want @Bl1nk something to have along the lines of Switzerland, because of how neutral he is according to his friends :poldi:

@Luca_from_Italy is good with names, any suggestions? :bellend:


Orange_fucker :bellend:


You just want to post a #10yearschallenge and are not doing it for the right reasons.


@Bl1nk otherwise all your future notifications will probably fail. :kos2:


No-one calls me ‘TheDoctor’, ‘Doc’, ‘Cocktor’ etc anymore, so it went quite well. :xhaka2:


Cocktor :laughing: You’re definitely getting called that again now!


Petition to change his name to Cocktor




Totally in support of this :point_up:t3:


You ask, you shall receive! Welcome back @Persona :poldi:


And with that OA will receive another donation from me, come this salary day.


This backfired like a motherfucker.


Let’s turn things up a notch, shall we? :speak_no_evil: