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Don’t laugh

I is broke


Sorry dude, not laughing at you. I thought it was a joke and a dig at somebody else’s grammar :zipper_mouth_face: My bad :sweat_smile::+1:


Nah Nah serious.

Part of my job requires creating documents so would be great to have something like grammarly proof reading my shit.


Trion I’m good at spelling an’ ting, just post it here


Ah Thanks. But I don’t have it right now.

I am starting at this new job on Tuesday & there will be documents then.


Does office spell and grammar check not do the trick?

Could save you some money but you’ve probably already tried it.


They are handy for spell check but quite limited in terms of grammar & tonality.



Emery should answer in this way to his critics :kos2:


I’d love a few pints with Ray. Absolute top man. Every tweet he does he has a pint haha




What would you rather?

  • The pressure era
  • Never ending banter era

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So you’re asking whether we’d rather be a legitimately good team who regularly qualify for and don’t get humiliated in the Champions League or an unambitious, incoherent shambles?

I’m gonna have to stop and have a good long :thinking:


Ok Spursyboy :wink:


Imagine if we were good, how boring talking about it on OA would be.

We’d have to make up topics to amuse ourselves, like Messi vs Mkhitaryan - who is the true :goat:


Just realised @Bl1nk has ditched the 1 out of his username! No wonder tagging you didn’t work. Your name looks weird without the 1 in it :gunnersaurus:








You should have just kept the thread dead @shamrockgooner :santi: