The Randomly Nothing thread


Easy. Match thread.


Full of snowflakes.


Pot kettle coal eye-liner


Went the gym after the game. Couldnt wear me Arsenal cap and got wet. Had to dig out a drawstring bag and left the AFC holdall at home. Bag split on the way home.
Had to leave the Arsenal vest off and got overly warm in a basic t shirt. Teach me to go before the game next time.


Gamechanger? :thinking:

Dunno if I’d be comfortable with this haha. What if fell on the floor and you lost your food :grimacing:


Why would you need to carry it? Just sit down at a table or on a wall.


Have you never eat a McDonald’s walking haha?


Normal people just go to the drive through then eat it in the car park


No. I know it’s fast food but I’ve never ordered it because I was in an actual hurry.


Fairly regularly eat McDonald’s while walking, out of necessity. If I’m pissed on a Friday night I’m often getting there just before closing time and they don’t want me sitting in and eating, so it gets munched as I walk to the bus stop.


Speaking of McDonald’s, for anyone that’s eaten at one recently, those new paper straws are just awful to use, right? Ugh. I get the idea of cutting down on plastic and what not, but paper is not a good replacement at all. Paper when wet does not hold up structurely very well and makes it harder to drink out. Not to mention it’s not very nice tasting on your tongue either. A case of back to the drawing board on that one.


Yeah tried it once and it tastes horrible haha but I usually just buy a bottle of water that is more expensive than the fizzy drinks?! As I prefer water tbh even though they charge you more for preferring water haha. Imagine wanting water you fool!! we will charge you more for wanting a healthier drink!!


Straws are bad for the environment you should drink using the cup


The best way to eat McDonalds:


That’s a glorious throw


I see someone spied on me yesterday to get me banned again.




Someone reported in the match thread what i wrote here.


Any of you lot wanna share a Grammarly premium account?
75$ is really steep for me and that’s a discounted amount.

3-4 member to share with would be great.