The Randomly Nothing thread


Reminds me of this… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I found it mildly distracting how all the activity is on either the left or the right of the screen, the map could do with being repositioned really.

Cool vid though man, thanks for sharing. I do love a bit of map porn.


16 new notifications since my last visit. It was only 3 hours ago :thinking:


18 now


Read this thread :joy:


Great story, but 37% battery life after 6 days? :thinking:


I know right. I wouldn’t even get that on power saving mode.

Musta been brand new


Good luck. Sadly I lost my phone on a flight so it was in flight mode. Meaning I couldn’t do a damn thing. I couldn’t track or erase the damn thing.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: had to bite my lip to not start laughing at my desk ffs!




This is fantastic


The best bit :joy::joy:

  • Caught by police when he went back next day to same shop and tried it again


Man he got away with it and everything, fucked it by being a greedy little dickhead


Slightly obscere reference, but this line in particular is like in Futurama, where Roberto, the crazy robot, robs a bank, manages to frame Fry, but still ends up going back there on three seperate occasions and unsurprisingly gets caught :laughing:


Time to turn Orsteins tweet notifications off until the summer haha @Bl1nk @Electrifying




On a similar subject I saw a neighbour pour boiling water on their car window this morning to clear the snow/ice :roll_eyes:


i would lol if their windscreen cracked and they started freaking out. I dont know why people are still doing this, do people not realise that their windscreens can crack doing this or are they just too lazy and unprepared to do anything else. Dont this is dumb anyway because all it does is freeze to ice again rather quickly.


In fairness windscreens hardly ever crack from people doing that. It can definitely happen but they also make them knowing that eejits do that.


I’m no eejit.