The Randomly Nothing thread


Leave my fucking name out of it cunt


What’s ‘donar’?


You totally would though wouldn’t you?

Of course you fucking would.


anyone else really getting annoyed with that are you going to bingo advert, everytime it comes on I want to break my own tv


Luca can we have a table from you about your most cockiest people and clubs?

Liverpool thread


  1. Bellerin
  2. Germans
  3. Liverpool fans



Scots, English, Daily Mail, Kane, Juventus, Real Madrid, Bayern.





What about Lewis Hamilton?


Included in “English” :smile:


Why are me and @calum not included in “Scots” then?


You two are particular :wink:


:joy::joy: nice one Luca

Surprised no Klopp :wink: is he under German?


Ive gotta say mate, this made me do a proper laugh out loud


Weed boy and cocky Highlander. How can’t you love and hate them at the same time? :bellend:


Of course, cocky yellow teeth cunt.




Am i on some suicide forum? Some of you do really need to grow a pair.


I don’t even know what this means tbh lol