The Randomly Nothing thread


Wow, I’m so sorry buddy


I’m sorry to hear that mate.

This may or may not be what you want to hear right now, I’m not sure, but doing that during your lunch break when she knows you have to go back to work is a total fucking bitch move.

You obviously have my sympathies anyway, but even more so after reading that bit.




Ah damn man. That really sucks. Like Jakey said it’s a bitch move doing it like that.


Thanks a lot all.

Cheers Jake. I actually didn’t mention that last night it begun with her sending me a huge essay of a text saying she wasn’t happy and ultimately we should have a chat. At this point, although I knew it was a possibility, I just assumed it would be a heart to heart so asked her to come down and meet me at lunch.

So it was me that asked her to come in at that time. But the fact her intention was to finish it still makes your point very valid imo. I defo would have preferred her to push back and arrange it for after work if it this was the case.


Really sorry to hear this @ArsenalFanNoTV, right at the beginning of a new year as well is rather a bitch move.

I just hope whatever happens next goes through as smoothly as possible as breakups can be very hit and miss.

Make sure you’ve got good people around you to support you through it all. If you need to let off more steam or advice on OA, you’re more than welcomed to do so, we all look after our fellow Gooners around here :slight_smile:


Yes, that would have been the decent thing to do, and an easy thing to do too.


Thanks so much for the touching message. I appreciate the kindness and wished I’d gotten involved in this wonderful community a lot earlier (I’ve previously browsed the discussions while resisting temptation to post).

Thanks to all. I know a few of the Londoners here like @JakeyBoy and the guys like to meet for a beer every so often. Next meet up will be first round on me.


Sorry to hear @ArsenalFanNoTV.


@Luca_from_Italy Welcome back bro. :slight_smile:


Luca’s back? I can’t say I’ve noticed at all…


Welcome back Sir.


Let Thy Spamming of multiple threads now commence thee forth from now!! :henry2:


Cuz Luca is like the Donald Trump of OA, saying the things that to be said and not afraid of the repercussions. Making OA great again.


Cheers mate.

@Maverick79, just giving my opinion in some threads. Nothing more.


Guess i had about 150 threads to read lol! Did it :kos2:


Farmfoods’ £1 Kebab Meat and Cheesy Chips branded ‘Jeremy Kyle of dinner’ — would you try it?

Just found the ultimate jakey tea @Electrifying


oh god. Definitely know enough people who would eat that shite if drunk


The “donar meat” looks like bits of carpet ffs :joy:


Why do kebab places always have crinkle cut fries?


I think I would rather eat the container it looks like it would do your body more good.