The Randomly Nothing thread


Can’t remember the songs but the minutes were 9,279 an 18% rise on last year :eyes:


My favourite part was this

That’s why I pay for premium, to learn what star sign the artists I listen to are

I listened for 22,878 minutes :eyes:


As someone who’s never used spotify, what are the differences between ‘normal’ package, and premium?

Fitting you get a Pisces stat considering you’re one after all :slight_smile:


Haha I listened to people with Leo starsigns the most!


I listened for 53,230 minutes, didn’t think that i was using the app that heavily.

Most listened to : Joey Badass


Clearly we’re the talented species :sunglasses:

Spotify Premium means you don’t get any adverts (they pop up after every few songs on the free version), you can listen to music offline and the audio is of a higher quality. Also, on the free version, the majority of the playlists on the app will only play in shuffle mode and you’re only allowed to skip a certain number of songs.


63k minutes for me.

Oldest song

Most listened to


My oldest song was this, which I have no recollection of. Just put it on and it still draws a blank. Must have been drunk that day :laughing:






Fucking yes mate. Rumours is :goat:



@Arsenal4thetreble Did you end up doing that avatar bet with @Aussiegooner last season at all, regards to which North London team would finish higher? I suspect this got conveniently forgotten about unsurprisingly :poldi:


Feel like I’m in a time machine with all these old posts mysty is liking today :wink:


A time machine would certainly help finding out when we’d next win the title! I’m sure there’s still some more old posts I haven’t come across, that I haven’t liked yet :cristo: Nonetheless, at least the backlog of threads and posts is significantly less than a few months ago lol.


Do you not feel like you’ve missed the moment? I’d never like month’s old posts haha


Not really. Doesn’t matter when the post was made, if it was funny or good to read then, then it still will be now :slight_smile:


He wouldn’t take me up on it from what I recall lol. Good thing too, I keep my undefeated avatar bet record 🖒😁


Not unless you can convince him or someone else to take you up on a new avatar bet instead for the rest of this season? :smiley:


No faith in Unai tho tbh. I only put my ass on the line for Wenger bae.