The Randomly Nothing thread


Don’t question my laziness again


Don’t think I even own a pair of chinos and not sure I have for about 3 or 4 years at least. Never really took to them


I recommend you to get one, preferably an olive green one or a grey one.


Never been much of a fan of them. I used to have some olive green ones but chinos have always been summer wear to me and even then I prefer shorts in the summer. To be honest I wear tracksuits on most days anyway because it’s comfortable for me. The only time I ever bother to wear jeans is on a dress down day at work or if I’m going out to somewhere that I can’t wear tracksuits.


haha you are even more casual than us chino guys.

Can’t deny the convenience of a trackpant


Who remembers when desert scarf was popular for 2 seconds?






Fucking speciesism :rofl::rofl:


The thread is fucking hilarious though



Is this only one part? Because if not, shame on them for missing the worst one of them all.

“More than one way to skin a cat”


A colleague at work ready those out to me and I said that people would be in the comments dogpiling on PETA, before correcting myself to logpiling.


I seen one of the comments under that saying “Feeding a Fed horse is actually animal cruelty” :joy:


People are forgetting something very important, that PETA is a horrible organisation, run by horrible people and if you donate to them you should stop immediately.


I don’t trust any charity or trust like these.
Either they are just there to benefit out of other’s misery or are just a front of tax savings or money laundering.


First instinct - Is that Craigie?


We have some favourable games coming


O2 has truly screwed today for me, first time with some internet being at home.

Can’t believe how much I rely on some internet to do pointless/important things during the day!


Going through my Spotify 2018 unwrapped and this came up… I blame the Arsenal vs Leicester game for this!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


What were number of songs and minutes you listened to ?