The Randomly Nothing thread


Someone sounds drunk today :xhaka2:


It has 49k combined retweets and likes haha. Clearly not just me who liked it :wink:


I don’t know those people. I know you. Sort of. :slight_smile:


Haha I feel I know you all aswell we are like online work colleagues except its not work and we aren’t colleagues :joy::joy:


Yeah, that’s roughly correct. Haha :slight_smile:


Imagine OA as a real life work place. Us admins getting the executive rooms, with massaging chairs, top of the line luxury cars.

Having to send Luca up to the staffroom everytime he’s done something wrong and ask him not to step out of line again or he’s fired :wenger2: :wink:


I am a calm boy in real life, very shy.


Oh, the serenity.:slight_smile:


Saw the restrictions on you.
Don’t think you will help your rant side be in check for some years, so it’s about time you get yourself a Twitter account.


@GunnerGirl :smiley:


No they are fucking not lol


Disgusting jeans. Looks like your homeless wearing them

#skinnyjeans4lyf :sunglasses:


I have no idea how anyone manages to wear skinny jeans. They seem so restrictive!





This is a nothing post but I want to get it out there.

I had Newsnight on in the background last night and Jacob Rees-Mogg was on and when the presenter walked over to take her seat beside him, he stood up, briefly. It was odd.

End Post.


Eww :face_vomiting:


Fucking nonce garments


Comfortable, the ability to pull of both casual AND smart, different colourways, best overall fits.

Come on my dudes, get some fucking chinos on you.

I have a bubblebutt and thick upper legs, so the slim and tapered Chino from either Next or Uniqlo are really doing it for me. Accentuates the physique perfectly. Or the lower half at least :xhaka2:


Yeah, bit disappointed in myself as to how long it took for me to appreciate the utility of chinos. It can be used in literally any situation - formals, casuals, while trekking, can even sleep in it.
The range of fit & colours is also another plus on top of it being cheaper than jeans.


Why the fuck would you do that?!