The Randomly Nothing thread


I’m generally every 6-8 weeks with at least 2 weeks of thinking I need a haircut before I actually go and get one. :smile:


I try and stretch it three weeks but then it just looks like I’ve constantly just got out of bed and also the grey sprouters start to show through :neutral_face:


I go every 7-8 weeks


Once a month for me


Once every 19 days for me. I actually take way too much pride in my hair lol


Precise a.f. haha


Every 5 weeks or so for me, sometimes less sometimes more.

I have uncontrollable curls anyway and there’s no way I can be fucked blow drying and brushing it in the morning anyway


19 days? How do you even track that number?


With a calendar?


Gosh, some of you guys really like to keep your haircuts really regular. Even when I used to be able to have hair on top lol :santi: , I still tended to have mine cut around every 2-3 months. Even now with not much left, it’s still around every 2 months.

As well, I never liked having different people do my hair, I too always prefered to keep it to the same person. It’s one of those things, once you’ve built up a relationship with someone, there’s no point changing for the sake of changing. Although these days, I just tend to do it myself now.


Yeah I only get my hair cut once every 6-8 weeks, I work outdoors though so in the summer months I’m wearing a cap at work and the winter months I always have a beanie on, so it’s not like the hair needs to be well presented all the time like some office jobs.


Had the same barber for about 12 years now, won’t let anyone touch my hair other than him. I only have a .5 on the sides and a 2 or 3 on top. I’m getting to that stage where the side of my head has a silver sheen to it so I’ve recently arranged to have it cut every two weeks instead of three.

My wife thinks I’m mental when she sees me brushing my hair before going out, goes absolutely mental at me for it :poldi:


I’d get my haircut every week if I felt I could justify the expense. Don’t get me wrong, I pay £11.50 a go which isn’t bad at all (especially compared to women lol) but doing that each week feels a bit excessive, sadly.

I’m way too vain when it comes to my hair, to the extent that I can’t possibly understand how you could go more than three weeks between trims without feeling deeply uncomfortable about the fact.


To be honest my barber changes £15 but because I go to him every week and he’s been cutting me for years he only charges me £10. It’s still expensive but I justify the expense by knowing I feel fresh and clean every week haha. I just hate it when the fade grows out and the sharp lines aren’t there anymore and if that shit costs me £10 to fix every week then so be it.


That’s what I mean, if I still kept my hair as short as you, or close to as short (zero and .5 fade on the side and 2 on top) I could and would justify it. But with longer hair on top I can’t claim necessity. As shown by others on here, I’m still being very self-indulgent lol


I feel like the name Carly Simon springs to mind here, with this level of self-indulgence :wenger: Have you guys ever considered just using an electric razor if you’re trimming that often?


No, obviously not, because you can’t use an electric razor on your own head and get a proper fade. Do you know what a fade is?!

You just sound like a bum with no pride in his own appearance :yum:


You’re talking to a guy whose hair is almost gone, pride and appearance is no longer a thing anymore :gunnersaurus:




You are very easily entertained.