The Randomly Nothing thread


Maybe the spuds can go up in flames tonight, as well.


Space Invaders are the GOAT crisps. Don’t @ me


Seabrook crinkle cut


Happy Diwali OA


I quite smoking since saturday morning. The urge to smoke is so fucking strong. It’s more difficult than I expected.


Keep at it.
It will be hard as fuck but in couple of months, the urge will go.


Congrats, well done big man. Hope you got patches or a wee Nicorette and shit


Not at the moment. I’m trying to do the cold turkey thing. But maybe I’m going to look for certain products and see if it helps.


Fair enough. That works for many people but those things do help too.

Just got to find something that works for you. I’ve heard the Nicorettes are quite good cos they give you puffs of nicotine whenever you get cravings, instead of a patch which just gives you a constant low level buzz which can drive many people crazy.


Happy Diwali buddy


Just got a call from my bank telling me that some cunt carried out a fraudulent transaction this morning. They bought some shit worth 200 quid from Sainsbury’s. That transaction went through then they blocked the second one which was apparently for 300 odd quid.

Was reliably informed that I should get my momo back. Whoever that person is out there - you are a fucking scumbag. Get run over you cunt.


Pickled Onion is it?


Lol wtf. Why is there a 69 year old on tinder in the first place tho :joy:


Ah Emile, the man is a fucking lunatic.




Maybe he just needs companionship. In the older age group loneliness is a much bigger problem than you might imagine. If it is for the sex, then sex drive doesn’t necessarily diminish as much as the jokey attitudes that popularly abound would have you believe. Close intimacy is a very important part of being human. Wonder if you’ll change your stance when you reach your senior years. :wink:


“We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. Why can’t I decide my own age?”

Hehe. You can yet can’t argue with that.


Taking a walk on the dark side tonight. Slayer for the last time for me on the farewell tour. Lets do this one more time. Great day to be alive.


Enjoy @Stroller ! @Calum I’m surprised you liked the post, are you aware of who Slayer are exactly? :smiley:


No. I just liked it haha