The Randomly Nothing thread


Put it this way, they’re about as far away in the kinda music you’d listen to :sweat_smile: Very much Luca’s cup of tea music.


So Luca


Haha, this is fun


Chocolate pretzels are fucking incredible how have I just realised they are a thing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’d forgotten they were a thing and now I really fucking want some


I bought them on Monday after work to try them and now I’ve bought them on Tuesday and today after work and will probably buy them tomorrow and Friday aswell :joy::joy::joy::see_no_evil:


I remember one birthday I got a full box of them.

That was only ever surpassed by the birthday that I got a full corner shop tub of Haribo fried eggs.


Pretzels are awful. Chocolate or no chocolate.




I respect you but your opinion is wrong


Getting fat, then :xhaka2:


Shameful misbehaviour.


John Lewis have released their Christmas advert for 2018


I fucking love LOVE the John Lewis Christmas ads BUT that didn’t feel like one at all. It felt more like the trailer for the Elton John biopic with Taron Egerton in it lol

Bad timing I guess, still a nice ad though but a bit disappointing


Thought the exact same thing. Was expecting a line to pop up, “Rocketman is in cinemas next year. Visit Ticketmaster for tickets to Elton’s farewell tour”.

I think if they want to make an advert that is more of a tribute it should be dedicated to someone who has already died. Danny Welbeck receiving his first pair of football boots maybe.




Probably a bit sad this,but I tend too find myself looking at football kits on people in news reports around the world.:roll_eyes:


Haha :smile:


One for @JakeyBoy :wink:


Fuck me, appalling scran on that page.

This cracked me up though: