The Randomly Nothing thread


We have that too :slight_smile: Name’s day.


What do you do on Name’s day Glads? How does it work? Does my name for example have to appear on a certain day to celebrate or do they plonk it all on one particular date?


I love fireworks and don’t have a dog :gunnersaurus:


Each name is celebrated on a certain day. Some are Church tradition related, others not. For example we also have St. George’s day but it’s on 6th of May. Anyone called George has a name day on St. George’s day. Maria celebrates on 15th of August. And so on. It’s like a small birthday, people call you to wish you a happy name day, you get together with friends and family and you might even get presents if someone cares for you enough to give you presents haha. Personally I find it a little ridiculous but then again I don’t care for birthdays either.


I refuse to believe anyone actually likes the turd fireworks that people let off in their back gardens in October and November. I’ve been to these “fireworks parties” where someone’s spent 30 quid in Lidl and they’re a complete waste of fucking time. Takes hours to set them off one by one and they’re all shit. It’s like getting people round to watch the football but then dragging them down the park and watching some 8 year olds have a kickabout. Spend your 30 quid supporting a legit display.


It’s not Halloween until someone does this

Well done sky. It is now officially Halloween :jack_o_lantern::joy:


Could we fuck new years eve off as a celebration thing. Im okay with new years day but the midnight thing is pure shite.


Fireworks ought to be f***in banned on a weeknight anyway. Some of us have to wake up at stupid o clock the next morning for work


Are you even from the UK if you haven’t said this already :joy::joy:


It’s generally one of the reasons why November’s one of the worst months of the year. Weather turns miserable and the lack of daylight really sucks.




My favourite time of the year :slight_smile:


This random guy pinged me out of nowhere & accused me.
I mean he is not wrong but so fucking mean man.



Sorry to burst bubbles but they do none of this.


Day after bornfire night and boom Morrisons have the Christmas Tree and decarations up and are blaring the Christmas tunes from the store speakers :joy::joy::joy: unreal


Heh, come to Canada where the christmas trees are up in stores on the stroke of Halloween.


There’s a garden centre not far from me opens their Christmas shop in August. :gabriel:


Fucking Columbus day… I don’t feel that celebrating a pedophile, serial killer is appropriate. Alot of people here have started celebrating Native American Day instead… including me. Also, Valentine’s Day. St Patrick’s Day and all the other greeting card holidays can go.

On the flip side of that, to day is National Nacho Day… that’s a holiday I can get behind.


There’s a few wingers in the Prem that can get behind him, too. :wink:


Another great Guy Fawkes night last night :sunglasses: