The Randomly Nothing thread


I feel like the summer should have a big celebration in it. Like around the middle of summer. Midsummer we could call it. :thinking:




Why would you want to axe holidays you monster?!


Some, not all :hipster:

For example. In this country, there seems to be more of a celebration for St Patrick’s day, than St George’s day, all because one just so happens to be an excuse to go drinking, regardless if you’re Irish or not…


We’re most plastic Paddies over here, that’s why. :wink:


And this is a bad thing because? :wink:


Just makes a mockery of what holidays are meant to actually be about and who they’re meant to be for. I don’t think there’s any holidays now which people celebrate in the actual manner they were originally intended for. Easter, Halloween, Christmas whatever. It’s all just comericial nonsense these days. Don’t ever work in retail, if you like Christmas, it’ll ruin the enjoyment lol. But whatever.


I was joking. Any excuse for a party… though I was in a card shop this morning and saw “happy Halloween” cards. I draw the line at that. Why would anyone send happy Halloween cards?!


Agree with St Patrick’s day, I think that is mainly hyped in England just for the pubs to make an extra but of cash. I’d love us to adopt the St George’s day tradition that they have in Catalonia where you give your loved one a book or rose. I’m always in the need of more books so that’d be fantastic :grin:


This is the empires way of apologising for the famine, no? :gunnersaurus:


I want more bank holidays


Aah @Mysty I found one!

I like Guy Fawkes night


How do you mean?


That’s the worst one. Fireworks upset my dog :pensive:


The adoption of celebrating or taking advantage of certain occasions or holidays that are festive holidays for that country only, but we for some reason choose to celebrate as well for commercial gains.

So like the St Patrick’s day, or having those big sales for ‘Black Friday’, which is an American thing, but something that’s made it’s way to here now for some reason.

Also, isn’t Halloween an American thing as well? I don’t fully understand it’s origins etc, but I’m sure that’s not really our thing either.

Maybe times are different now, UK after all is a very multi cultural country, but just seems we pick and choose on selective festivities to make a quick buck. Just rather we stick to our own traditions and holidays and stop adopting stuff that’s not really our own thing.




In it’s commercial format for sure. But like most great things it’s Irish. :slight_smile:

And the pumpkin thing, that used to be a turnip thing.


Interesting, thanks for sharing @shamrockgooner :slight_smile:

BTW, I do like the idea of what @Persona mentioned earlier about Midsummer. The Scandies/Nordic countries make a big deal about that.

Contrary to the general vibe I’ve been giving off, I don’t mind most celebration days, but I really couldn’t give a fuck about St Valentine’s day though :smiley:


Is that because you don’t get any cards? :unai:


I still have the one you sent me last time :cristo:


Don’t use them, they’re weird. They have a thing that celebrates people’s names on certain days. :gabriel: