The Randomly Nothing thread


I never get the insistence on MM/DD/YYYY pattern either.
Just doesn’t make sense at all and it is really tedious.


This is awesome


Perhaps the wine speaking but think I found the one I would like to stalk.


As an alternative to stalking, you could just say hi and shit


Pfft too traditional


joking or no joking, i dont like this talk of stalking at all. It is not on trion i dont think it is on to joke about it and if you are not joking you have issues that need to be sorted because we have had chats as forum group with you and this behaviour.


Gosh you guys that was a joke.

I had an amazing date and the chemistry was so great, I wanna see her again.
And I have a second date scheduled tomorrow.


Some people need to be gutted


that is poor, whoever did that should be sacked immediately. Apparently some are saying it was engine failure that caused it.


Sacked? It’s a parody. :wink: It’s not a job.

Obviously, I don’t find it in good taste.


That account is very clearly a parody. Bad taste of course.

And no one knows anything about why this happened. There will be an investigation as with all aviation crashes.


Yep a parody account clearly run by a bunch of cunts.


Woke up at half 7 today thinking it was half 8 because the clocks went back haha


pmsl wot r u like hun love to darren and the kids xoxo


Are you ok Jake? :joy:


I think Jakey is still drunk from last night :stuck_out_tongue:


So on the subject of Halloween and other ‘holidays’ we seem to celebrate that has nothing to do with us, over the course of the year, what holidays do you feel you’d like to see the back of, or conversely which ones do you feel don’t get enough attention that should be celebrated more?

Having worked in retail many years in the past, most holidays are honestly a pain in the bum :gunnersaurus: You kinda just become a bit immune to it all, just another day.


All of them. People enjoying themselves? Eugh no thanks!


I’m genuinely trying to figure out one I like. No dice so far.


What about St Totteringham’s Day? :wenger: Although sadly that’s been off the calendar in recent years.