The Randomly Nothing thread


Good UX just leads to more user expectations. :xhaka:


I’ll look into it but don’t get your hopes up


Once you reply, don’t expect me to not get my hopes up.


She’s probably your dream woman. Sorry, dream person.


Excellent self-crit comrade, you’ll make a damn fine commie one day.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: This is decent tbf


I would be ashamed if I jumped into some girls DMs with one of those dead lines lol


Saw one the other day, “I just got off the phone with iTunes and they’ve confirmed it, you are the hottest single of 2018”

Kill yourself.





When I saw the picture all over the net and everyone was saying its Ross, I was thinking nah, that’s fucking Russ mate.

Edit: just actually watched the video, fair play Schwimmer, that’s pretty fucking funny haha




The only good thing about that David Schwimmer video is the song in the background


That is actually quite funny


Probably deserves it’s own thread really…


Well… that lasted. :neutral_face:


Never heard of them. Which probably explains why they’re stopping.


Does anyone other than Americans use this date format? And can anyone offer some logic for it?

Date, month, year seems so obviously to make the most sense, having the units in ascending order in terms of the size of the unit. And having days first seems most logical. When I’m checking the date I’ll most commonly want to know the specific day of the month before the which month, which in turn I’m likely to want to know before the year. It just makes sense.


What are you really angry about?


whadda 'bout it