The Randomly Nothing thread


I mean, you do kinda seem like you’re complaining.


Well, fuck




Harry Redknapp is doing I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! haha yes :joy::joy:


His letter from home will be from Niko Kranjcar


Original complaint

And then… :speak_no_evil:


So beggy. :weary::weary::weary: gtf


That thread is funny.


Wtf She is head of marketing of some firm.
How can a marketing person be so…lost for vocabulary


I am done. I have studies and a presentation to prepare anyway.


that woman is an absolute cunt, is her life so fucking meaningless she has to turn picking on pointless shitting things her life focus, go get laid you pathetic little social justice keyboard warrior twat. (should not call her twat my apologies its not fucking gender neutral)


Ah look, some of those things are ridiculous but sure who cares. Leave her to it.

Sounds to me like Kleenex were waiting for an opportunity to rebrand anyway.


This doesn’t feel proportionate.


Next on her agenda? Human!


I hardly used OA on my laptop so only noticed why does this thread have a link on the homepage? haha



That’s a question for @Bl1nk :slight_smile: I’m not sure either really. We all know where to find it ha.


the best one. actually can’t stop laughing. Had to explain what I was uncontrollably laughing at it was that bad ffs :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: what a fucking tweet


Most visited thread, most searched thread. I pinned it at the top so it’s easier to find. UX :sunglasses:


haha fair enough but wtf :joy:


Can you add it in mobile site as well somehow?