The Randomly Nothing thread


:joy::joy::joy::joy: @Electrifying @JakeyBoy


I detest this man


I think those look ridiculous on anyone. :grimacing:


I agree but I’d imagine the practically outweighs the fashion considerations.


The kid doesn’t seem to be complaining.


@Electrifying this fucking guy :joy: he honestly makes me die of cringe :dizzy_face:


Pls stop Calum, you’re ruining my night


:joy::joy::joy: sorry but someone needs to take his twitter away hahahaha




Tbh Alex from Love Island should just die. He was a desperate incel cunt when the series was on telly, I’ve heard nothing from him until now.

Starting to think @Calum is Alex



Add this to the video of Brett Lee killing him, for pleasure when he starts talking shite.


Fuck off :upside_down_face: what is up with people complaining about absolutely everything now? :roll_eyes:


It’s absurd really isn’t it.

It’s Snow White ffs it doesn’t need to be some lecture on consent lol



I’m amazed mansize tissues lasted this long tbh.


I feel that way about Piers Mogan.


Is he a man-sized tissue too?


To be fair, in the original story, snow white was raped in her sleep.

Edit - that’s ‘sleeping beauty’, my bad.


so says a guy who shouted racism at a normal social media post. :slight_smile: