The Randomly Nothing thread


I’d just be happy to get some sleep.





Do one for OA @Bl1nk :grinning:



Wow he has been active since 93. That’s some career.




Watched a bit of Rugby for the first time in ages, caught the last 10 minutes of the Champions Cup, Bath vs Toulouse. And here’s a perfect example of why you must never ever celebrate until you got the job complete…

He got subbed off soon after that, and Bath lost by two points at the end, so it was a decisive cock up :sweat_smile:


Actually could not work out what he was going to do there. Thats just epic.


What a fucking cunt.


“He’s screaming to the ground, ‘open up, open up, let me in’” :laughing:


Video seems to have been taken down?


Nope Bl1nk still there. Probably geo blocked if you’re not watching in the UK hah


…or Ireland.


UK SUCKS. :-1:



Piers is legit one of the worst interviewers. Never lets anyone actually speak their point, he just assumes what their point is going to be and then shouts them down with his own opinions or just repeating the question at them.


GMB is just terrible, can always smell the desperation for ratings.

I find myself gravitating to Sky or BBC in the mornings.


Piers Morgan strikes again