The Randomly Nothing thread


I’m actually a bit disappointed in myself I didn’t make the connection before @Phoebica’s prompting.


Must admit it feels like years since I’ve seen that episode of Lisa’s future, so hadn’t really crossed my mind straight away.

Just goes to show the Simpsons really has a scene for everything :slight_smile:

As for the guy proposing using a cow, I hope he’s not calling her a heffer :ramsey:


Lucas Torreira viewed our (first) Insta story :heart_eyes:


Wtf :joy: how


Mentioned him in a poll


Did he vote?




Both. They’re Gattuso and Pirlo in the making :giroud3:

no you calm down.


ffs :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Throwback to juju at work in the World Cup :joy:


Having to put it on sale now Wengers gone and no one will wear it :joy:


If I had cash to burn, that would be one of first thing I would purchase.


I think that coat is taller than me so it might be worth a purchase for a laugh :smile:


I purshased one from the Arsenal store in Jan 2013, think I got charged 120 quid though from memory. Was a much needed addition to my trip though as being Australian I came under prepared for a European winter, tour have thought I’d learn my lesson in 2010 :joy:.


If I got one I’d want the dodgy zip model - just for authenticity.


Saw ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ listed on the TV guide, reminded me of a certain member who’s named after that story :cristo: Still one of your favourites @Cristo ?


Yeah but I haven’t seen it in years!! When’s it on??

Well remembered


It’s on one of the Sky Cinema channels (Does anyone even subscribe to them channels anymore? :joy: ) this evening.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.




Does anyone go through phases on YouTube, where you end up watching a few videos, look at the time and figure, “Hmmm better get some sleep soon, let’s watch one more” before one more ends up becoming about another 10? :sweat_smile:

Perfect example of it lately is Friends clips. Usually once you’ve watched a few, you get recommended to more and more and you just can’t help but watching more. The Simpsons is another perfect example of procastinating on YT.