The Randomly Nothing thread




Fuck he only gave him 3 hours to respond lol



Check again Danske. :smirk:


On the Isle of Wight this weekend.

Pride in Ryde!


Ladbrokes in the background. Class Jakey.



That should be in the Scottish football thread!!!

Come on you know that it’s relevant there!!!


Saw this cool pic earlier and made it my wallpaper. I’d love some sort of poster sized map of London with the tube map superimposed in this fashion


I really dislike this whole France/Africa thing tbh

Mendy said it best


:joy::joy::joy::joy: smooth

Scottish twitter at it again :joy::joy: @Electrifying


:arteta: :arteta: :arteta:



So he couldn’t produce the one thing necessary to get on a train, but he expects to be taken at his word because he’s some DJ cunt and therefore deserves preferential treatment?

Imagine thinking that makes the bloke in the station a jobsworth :roll_eyes:

Honestly, what a total prick :joy:


What a weapons grade tosser. No idea who the fuck this nobody is anyway.


So much of this nowadays with the prevalence of YouTube celebrities and how easy it’s become to get famous without any real discernible talent.

This is the kind of stuff that ties in with my dislike of Love Island etc.


tbf a few of his songs are decent


Funny you should say that. He is the “official” Love Island DJ and has been on a couple of dates with one of the contestants :grin:


How could I guess hahaha


Lelelel is smoking weed still illegal in England?

Pictures of OA members

Sadly, yes.