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I’m a bit confused, are you asking me about the emphasis/stresses or the pronunciation of v?

Anyways, short answer is “(bayn-tay)” and “(noh-bain-tah)”, in Spain we pronounce the v more as a b, in South America it’s a bit softer, a bit of a mix between the english b and v, but probably little distinction to the foreign ear, so safest just to pronounce it like an english b as a rule.


Cool. Thanks


Question - Do y’all tip even if there’s already a service charge on the bill?


God no.


I never tip on the card machine. I hate that thing. Always leave money. Defo wont if theres a service charge.


I always tip after the waiter comes back with my change, unless I am exceptionally happy and tell them to keep the change as I pay. I want to see their attitude and whether they are ungracious about tips, that puts me off immensely. Attitude is everything.


When I’m in the US, I always tip in cash. With the next to nothing wages waiters get in the US, they tend to claim only 10% of sales as tips. But if they are constantly tipped on the card, they have to claim 100% of that. So always better for them to get a cash tip. They make their living off them. Had I claimed 100% of tips when I was a waitress whilst at uni, I wouldn’t even had made minimum wage.

Here in the UK, I find that quite a few places are now automatically adding gratuity. When it isn’t added, I tend to tip in cash, but if, like the other day, they had a minimum £10 spend to pay by card and I spent £9. I then add the tip I was going to give to the card.


It definitely wouldn’t. When I was a waitress, we did have to give a portion of tips based on alcohol sales to the bartender. If the restaurant had table bussers, then they’d get a portion, too. I started off bussing tables when I was in high school and got a small portion of tips from the waitresses. It wasn’t much, but my basic hourly wage was higher than that of a waiter.





Found out that I passed my latest CTA exam today, but more importantly, my sister in law (pabi!!!) went into labour this morning. Going to officially be an uncle (chacha!!!) at some point today so totally fucking gassed. What a day!


Congrats mate! Great day


UPDATE: It’s a beautiful baby girl! The most beautiful and precious thing I’ve seen in my whole life :heart: :heart: :heart:

Missus got a little bit carried away and said she wants one - told her to fuck off :arteta:


Congratulations paaji!!!


Until when?


Not for another 3 years I think, so any baby talk right now can go straight in the bin


I love the stern stance taken on this one.

Got to tell them how it is when they start getting all broody and shit.






Got the flu in july FFS!