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I think you sound like you’re a bit stingy with the tips compared to most people if you just leave shrapnel (I don’t say that as a criticism). Standard is 10% I think (me and most people I know do that anyway), for some people 12.5%, which is usually what the service charge is when it is tacked onto the bill.


Shrapnel, I was gonna use that very word but didn’t. :grinning:

Yeah, I was open to being corrected but I’ve just never heard this. Oh well, ya live and learn. :+1:


One of the many reasons I don’t eat out much nowadays :slight_smile:


I don’t eat out much because all in all its a fairly expensive experience, so I guess technically tipping would be part of the reason I don’t go to restaurants too often.

But I don’t begrudge paying a tip when I do eat out at all. I would be embarrassed if I was eating out with people and they didn’t tip.


What I really hate is when your ordering food from somehwere like dominos and they ask you if you want to spend 50p to feed starving people in Africa. You’re just like nah man, let me just order my 4 pizzas, two boxes of wings and several desserts in peace.


I don’t think I’ve ever tipped, outside of a mandatory service charge. And even that will make me never return.


Rarely is there ever a case where someone goes above and beyond in order to help you out. Unless you’re a fussy fucker when it comes to food, generally eating out is a seamless process in the sense that you look at the menu, order what you like, eat and pay up.


You selfish greedy fucker :henry2:


for veinte, is it (Veh-een-tee) or (bayn-tay)?

and for noventa is it (noh-bain-tah) or (no-VEHN-tah)?


It’s like when massive global companies ask if you want to donate something when you buy something from them on line.
You feel like saying to them, if you didn’t avoid paying your tax, then perhaps these people wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in.


$7.25 per hour. However, some states/cities will have a higher amount.

I do tend to tip close to 20% nearly all the time, which I don’t mind for good service. I also tend to tip higher towards a bartender.

One recent trend that irritates me is quick serve places having a place to add tips. If I’m going through a line and not sitting down getting service, I don’t tip.


I agree with you. I hate the tipping system and I work in the industry.

But the bar person and all of the chefs except Sous and head chefs won’t be getting tips as they’ll normally be earning a good salary anyway. Every place I’ve run I make sure tips are always pooled so everybody gets a fair and equal share.

I love a visit to America but the fact you have to tip for Everything takes the absolute piss, instead of relying on the customer for something that is Optional how about the restaurants just pay a fair wage in the first place, alit of these places will have their managers dipping their sticky fingers into the tips aswell.


I’ve never worked in food service management before. Is this the best way to avoid conflict between the staff? Don’t people get disgruntled having to pool their tips made through the quality of their own service?

I haven’t got the slightest clue tbh but I prefer the idea of my tips going to an individual rather than being collectivised. On the other hand doing a food service takes a team effort so it fair in that sense


I think people in general are cool with it, because their initial wages are decent. That system wouldn’t fly in the US :slight_smile:


It defeats the only benefit of tipping system which is service quality.
Where normally to earn high tips, the waiter would put customer need first; since the tips are pooled, that may not be the case, in which case just stick to normal wage based system than that of tipping.


I guess it’s much better for the morale of the staff, which in turn can affect your experience, and prevent high turnover.

Plus there are some staff who don’t have any interactions with customers, but are still part of the service you receive.


Don’t get me wrong. I completely detest the tipping system.
It’s a massive waste of everyone’s time.


It actually works to the benefit of the team and in my experience creates a better morale as everyone works for each other to try and gain the maximum amount of money possible, the servers make sure the service is good and the chefs make sure the food is spot on 100% of the time, it’s because of bar staff and chefs that waiting staff have a platform for even earning money.

I’ve always been a very big advocate of sharing tips especially with chefs because people tend to forget or don’t see how much hard work goes on behind the scenes with the food. The place I was previously executive chef at, we opened for service at 5pm, so serving staff wouldn’t be needed until 3 pm to start setting up the restaurant, chefs however will have started anytime from 7am busting a gut right up until 4.30pm and then right up until 11pm/12am making sure that all the individual ingredients and kitchen is set for service, it really is a thankless job as like I said the public see nothing that goes into making dinner service a successful one and this is why I’ve always pooled tips, in fact it in my opinion give a great respect between the staff because front of house respect what the kitchen does and the kitchen respects the job front of house do. The ones that don’t pull their weight soon get weeded out for not contributing enough.


I dunno, I’ve been out with people that basically tip the whole experience rather than the waiter. For example the food takes a long time to come (which is rarely a waiter’s fault), the food is substandard, even if the waiter was lovely they’ll be less inclined to leave a tip.

And since it’s rarely publicised (or I fail to notice it) it’s not always clear if tips are personal or shared.

There must be some psychology involved too. If you’ve not enjoyed your experience you’re probably not going to be in the mood to give money away, especially when you don’t have much to begin with.


True. Didn’t consider that.