The Randomly Nothing thread


I don’t think I’ve ever not said that.


In New York you have to tip the taxi driver and the card machine only gives you 20% as the lowest option.

It’s an absolute load of bollocks. I hate the American tipping system.


What about if you pay cash?

I’m with you on tipping though.


Steady on grandad


Who has cash these days?! :joy:

With cash they just yell at you if it isn’t enough


Unless it’s an online payment, I always pay in cash :slight_smile:


“Undskyld jeg er dansk. Jeg taler ikke engelsk”


Nailed it!!!


So is there a flat rate which you’re told? And then you’re expected to pay an unspecified amount on top?


If it’s basically almost required to tip, do yanks still tip even if the service was shoddy? :thinking:


Yeah exactly.

Cost me $58 from the airport to my hotel and then another $11 in tip so $70 overall


So what would happen if you just gave them $58?


Death by mcdonalds


Much lower.

Great service and you’re getting 20-25% from me.


Did a coach trip to the Grand Canyon from Vegas an the bus driver asked for a $5 tip now if he does that trip 4 times a week and 60 passengers give him $5 tip each he’s easy taking home 1200 a week home.


Yeah, asking for a tip just isn’t cricket. :gabriel:


Not sure how it works in the UK/Europe, but many service industry jobs are paid below minimum wage and make a living from tips. Doesn’t excuse poor service.

I’m assuming @Cristo was in NY. That is actually kind of standard for the cost from the airport into the city. Reminds me of going from Heathrow into the city via cab and paying 50 pounds and change.


Unless I’m wildly mistaken, a tip over here is some change on a saucer. Making calculations of how much to tip seems entirely foreign to me. :grin:


In the UK everyone gets minimum wage and tips are normally for good/exceptional service, although in restaurants you tend to tip for mediocre and even bad service but not much. I think 10% is the unofficially agreed amount. Sometimes if you have like 10 people on a table the restaurant forces you to pay 10%.

I’m very much against tipping though. I don’t know why it’s acceptable to give people money for not doing their job badly when 95% of jobs don’t even have the chance. Even in a restaurant often a waiter is getting tips and a barman / sous chef who are probably just as badly paid isn’t.


What is the minimum wage in the US?