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Bit silly. At least be creative and come up with your own idea.


There’s no let’s see about it. You seriously think for a second he’d say no and override the principles of freedom of expression and protest? Especially given the heat he is getting from idiots and liars who are trying to make him responsible for this Trump balloon.

The only reason there won’t be a Sadiq Khan one is because they’ve left it too late to make it happen, I suspect. If they were trying to get it up for this weekend that is.


Yeah, I don’t even know why I put that after having watched a video where he flat out denies having any say/involvement in these matters.

If it is this weekend that they want to do it, they might be hard pressed to get permission in time. Which if you read some of the comments on that crowdfunding page, will be met with comments about Khan blocking it or it being blocked by ‘lefty liberal snowflake cucks’. :smirk:



Called it. :sunglasses:


I spent a week in Moscow for Morocco’s game against Portugal, and I got the same impression along with my mates, you really get the feeling that they were told to behave that way or else the consequences will be dire.


I think they used the same tactics in the last election.


Why?! :disappointed:


Cutaways to handsome men will still be permitted.



That was on the news yesterday.
It’s supposed to be sexist to show good looking girls in a crowd but from what I saw of the girls being filmed, they seemed to be loving it.

Anyway, there were plenty of men and children shown as well, so I don’t know what they are complaining about.


What an illiterate degenerate.


No sex please, we’re Russian.





Equality! This is 2018 haha give us the hot girls in the crowd. One of the iconic bits of a summer tournament haha


:joy::joy::joy::joy: this. Going through insta stories this is all I see now ffs!


Done exactly this :joy::joy::joy:



@Mysty Welcome back, mate! :slight_smile: How you been?