The Randomly Nothing thread


The silver fox in the box.


I found that trend a few years ago of dying blonde just as ridiculous. Even Ramsey done it. Dybala looks more cuteish than manly tho so he can pull it off. Not really attracted to that type :joy:


It’s not being cute. Its looking like a kid


Tan France plays football now?


Oh fuck off you cunt!


Why the rush to go grey? It comes naturally soon enough.



Hugh Dennis does the speech. I only watch MTW nowadays for him.


beautiful! I need to get back into watching QI and MTW, I never watch it any more.


Are you the mayor of Genoa? :wink:








Well done, Britain :+1:


This Trump visit really highlights some interesting things about modern society



And even at the end of that clip Morgan goes into another rant that includes saying Khan is responsible for the balloon, that he’s endorsed it, despite Khan completely debunking that shit already. Completely and utterly driven by his agenda, to the point of being oblivious to the evident truth of the matter.

The way he was emphasising the word black when talking about Obama was weird, every caricature of Obama is going to be black because he is a black man. What you’re asking is whether someone would be allowed to fly a balloon of Obama and the black part is irrelevant.

He’s just such a cunt on every level, he’s genuinely vile.


It’s quite amusing that the people who complained about “pc culture” and SJW’s, are complaining about a balloon being offensive.


There’s a crowdfunding for a Khan baby balloon atm. Let’s see if the Mayor sticks to his word.

Also echo the sentiments that Piers Morgan is a bad interviewer when on these shows. I swear he thinks he’s on his CNN show at times. Susanna also just sits there most of the time and lets him go on his tangent.


TV was the social media of it’s age. Both very potentially useful tools being abused by the part of the human brain that craves the lowest common denominator.

Sad reflection of our modern society