The Randomly Nothing thread


Hahaha man everyone out here smokes out, you can smoke in front of the Police and it doesn’t matter, they smoke too. Old fashioned dumb rules.


As far as I can tell most people here feel this way, but it’s apparently not politically viable to propose changing the law.

Recently there’s been a bit of noise on a political level about how ridiculous it is that medical marijuana is not available, so perhaps in coming years we can get that changed and then move into full legalisation, I believe you chaps had a similar progression.


Lol. Hasn’t it just been legalized in late 2016 or something like that?

The conservative stance towards weed is sad though.


Yank complaining about old fashioned dumb rules :grimacing:


I live in california homeboy we are living in like 2078 bruh.


Yet if you smoke a cigarette on a terrace at a bar or at a restaurant boogie ass yanks look at you as if you’re violating a baby, and the restaurant staff swiftly escorts you to a corner about 15 meters away, where you can do such an appalling thing as smoke a cigarette hidden away as you should be.


Weed fucking stinks. I’m glad its Illegal and hope it stays that way.


You redeemed yourself.


Hope that beer was shit.


Once again California. We know better than u so yeah smoking next to someone who doesn’t want that second hand smoke is against the rules. Shame on you dirty lungs.


Yeah, potentially a few air molecules of cigarette smoke will kill you, but constantly breathing in massive levels of contamination won’t :joy: What a country, what beautiful logic always.


Hah, what kind of barbarian from the old world are you exactly?


As a non-smoker, I am not concerned about my health but the effing distinct unavoidable stink that comes from smoking bothers me.


That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put on hold on smoking cigarettes with the knowlegde of it we have right now.


Hypocrisy allowing alcohol and tobacco but not allowing cannabis imo. One of the weird things I’ve noticed with Western culture tbh.

Far more evidence linking the above 2 to health issues too.

I personally don’t do any. But hypocrisy innit.


Especially when u can vape and that’s by far the safest thing for ur body than the other two.


I don’t think alcohol should be lumped into it.
It is not really as addictive as smoking plus the health concerns are due to lack of moderation while drinking.
There are rather health benefits on having say wine occasionally. (that’s how i justify my red wine affection)

Whereas smoking is unhealthy from the get go.


Weed in moderation isn’t an issue either


Dat stinky og shit


Another typical American attitude, continually accept poor (/typically well-marketed) substitutes for things while unconsciously fucking your health in other places.

This is highly debated amongst the medical community, but there’s a very good chance it’s bullshit. Much more likely that those who claim it’s a prototype example of why correlation doesn’t equal causation are right, IMO.