The Randomly Nothing thread


Jesus, man. It’s ok. You’re going to be alright.


I’ll do you if you do me


Why is this thread on top of the page next to the Tickets FAQ link? :smiley:


It’s the most searched keyword, so to improve UX I decided to add it to the nav. The only annoying thing about it is it doesn’t open at your last read post.


Full house :sunglasses: 25/25 Only had the 1994 runner up to get and got it with 24 seconds left


I got them all too, though not going to lie… only got Bayer Leverkusen by default because I started typing Bayern. Not sure I would have remembered them otherwise.

  1. The 2007 final seems to be erased from my memory.


I successfully typed in all the European football teams I’ve heard of and won.


1994 caught me out for a bit until I finally remembered it was 4-0 to Milan. The best team in Europe at the time thrashing the former best


Oh fuck my life how did I not type Barcelona in at any fucking point


I was going through all the big leagues in my head then finally Barcelona came to me :joy:


I got Ajax with 20 seconds to go :grimacing:


My evening can’t get any lower?! Went to buy some beer after work. Picked up a 4 pack of Heinenken. Didn’t realise till I left the shop that it was alcohol free :sob: Then I remembered I also got ID to buy it :sob::sob:


Thought it was bad enough here.


OA is actual full of beer snobs. 🤷


Don’t worry mate if it makes you feel better I hate beer with a passion. So you’re not even the worst offender lol


I got your back fam


Heineken is not the best but for some reason the only thing I can drink with no negative effects on my body the next day.


Prefer Carlsberg… probably because I’m American and like shitty bear.

Edit: Only on tap. Make it a rule not to drink beer in a green bottle. Always skunky.


@JakeyBoy still fighting and losing the Hairline War against Father Time.