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Why? I’ve never understood mid-lower table clubs hiring these retreads. None of them are going to be a fresh approach, new ideas, style of play, etc to really give a club a chance to move up the standings. If the club is excited about nailing down 13-17th place, they’re your guy.

Much better to try something different than what the clubs are doing around you to move up the standings.


Palace improved threefold when Roy took over. They were in a mess. They were bottom of the table with 0 points. I don’t think they lost a game to anyone in the bottom half after his first game in charge. To start the season with 7 losses on the trot (with 0 goals) and end it 11th - only outside the top 10 on goal difference - is pretty remarkable.

He’s definitely at the top of the pile in terms of that sort of manager. The fans certainly seem to love him and he has been given the freedom of Croydon :grin:


Like a de boer say? It’s all well and good wanting to improve but the reality is there’s only so much a team like Palace can improve anyway. Everton have been pissing about for 25 years trying lots of different approaches with varying degrees of success but the furthest they’ve gotten is a CL qualifying round. What is a realistic aim for a club like Palace?

Giving de boer a go was a clear attempt for them to move up a bit but the reality is they don’t have time to wait for these things to work because if it goes tits up and they get relegated then they lose 2/3/4/5 years just trying to get to where they were before the appointment.


I rate Hodgson, he is a very good manager. I feel as if he was unlucky with the Liverpool and England job as they are a poisoned chalice, especially that Liverpool job in 2010.


I agree.
Hodgson is in a different class to managers like Pardew, Allardyce, Pulis, Hughes etc.
His record is excellent.
He got both Inter Milan and Fulham to European finals, he has won the Swedish championship several times with two different clubs, he also managed Finland, Switzerland, UAE and England, and won the league managers, manager of the year.

He didn’t do that great at Blackburn but then nobody else has either, and wasn’t really given long enough at Liverpool.

If you consider he took over Crystal Palace, with no points or goals after seven games, as well as injuries to a lot of his best players, and he got them to mid table, he might have got them into the Europa places if he had been their all season.

Those other managers are dinosaurs compared to Hodgson, and between them have one hardly anything.


Well because West Brom, Swansea and Stoke got relegated while Palace were more than comfortable despite being bottom when he took over. He did a similar job for Fulham and West Brom too.

He’s the guy I’d want to take my 15-20th place club and turn them into a reliable 10th place club. From that point his job is done after a few years and you can replace him if you truly have eyes on greater things, but it can be turbulent for clubs in the bottom half and he brings solidity. Also he doesn’t just do it by buying Hodgson players or spending money, he normally starts by improving what he has first.

He’s never going to win an CL and he’s a niche manager but I think it’s fair to say he’s among the best at what he tries to do.
So many managers do it badly that I can’t help but think his back to basics approach is not as easy as it looks to pull off.

Also he seems like a decent bloke, which probably makes it easier for players to like him.


Yeah, should definitely be Mark Hughes’ face in his spot.


Medhi Benatia left hanging yesterday :see_no_evil:


Yup, I had Palace down for relegation at one point, but things turned around nicely for them once Woy got it going. Fair do’s to the bloke.


Perhaps, I should exclude Hodgson from the group of retreads in the picture.

I’m in the camp that the risk of hiring a coach with different or new ideas is that it might give a chance for a smaller club to make waves or move up the talent.

Seems foolhardy to lineup and try to play like a top 6 club with decidedly less talent.


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