The Randomly Nothing thread


We got an extra bank holiday for Kate and Wills’ wedding

So this one holds less interest for me



WTF is this :joy::joy::joy:

This is BBC news haha get in the sea


I mean yeah, it was their lead story on the BBC news website when I checked it this morning :cech:




Is that one of those ‘match the names to the faces’ games?


Harsh on Hodgson. He’s 100% the guy I’d hire for the kind of job those guys get.


Yeah agreed thought that was harsh including roy tbf


Read the section titled “cover”

It’s the most metal shit ever


Fucking incredible.

Imagine being called Necrobutcher and then taking issue with getting a skull necklace.


Last podcast on the left did a great series on Norwegian Black Metal. Highly recommend.



Around the 20 minute mark Varg talks about this. Really insightful documentary overall!


I would say FA Cup final > royal wedding but then I remembered one of the teams in it is managed by Mourinho so in fairness the Royal Wedding will be more exciting


Spot on. Fuck them.


I don’t know why the girl bothers. I think Meghan Markle has basically given up her acting career to marry a ginger guy lol, no offence to gingers


I have actually been invited to the royal wedding, and have front row seats at Windsor but I’ve got tickets for the preliminary round of the World Paint Drying Watching Championships, so I’m going to that instead.


When Harry met Harry


Herry Klaim to claim this wedding for him as well? @LordBendtner


Loool wtf my eyes are burning :gabriel:


He will deffo swear on his daughters life again.