The Randomly Nothing thread


Bet the little prick stood on the left on the escalators as well.


Well you are being critical/mildly rude about everyone else sharing the same space with you, so I’m not surprised she tells you to shut up and gets a bit embarrassed lol


freaky AF lads




Thought about Brainstorm every time. Did it 4 times and it went BRAINSTORM, GREEN NEEDLE, BRAINSTORM, GREEN NEEDLE.

Fake and Gay.


I heard both—Yanni on a tv, Laurel on the mobile. What device plays it matters it seems.


Why all the fuss about Meghans dad not going the wedding. End of the day, Harrys isnt either.


I’ve never seen a royal wedding when it’s been on TV.
Is it worth recording or shall I just wait for there DVD to come out?


All I know is that pubs have a longer opening time tomorrow so I’m happy


I thought you were already queuing in Windsor. Are you not this guy?


I would be the guy standing on the grassy knoll though, as he drove past.



I was bit harsh.
Maybe I should have said watching someone else standing on a grassy knoll.
I’m not a massive fan of the royals, but as they’re not massive fans of commoners I’m sure things even themselves out.


Na, I thought it was good. :smiley:



Holy fucking shit lol that’s savage.

But nice :henry2:


Celebrations in full swing across the country :grin:


I see Stevenage Borough Council is wasting tax payers money again.

That must have cost at least a tenner to get someone to go and get the bunting out of the loft from the last royal wedding.


If my local council spent as much as £5 on that I’d be disgusted haha


Wish the footy was still on instead of this waste of time.


You can help but feel with things like this that the English governance system is truly a fucked place and a complete parody of itself these days.

Ever since 2010 I have felt this way.

Talk about having your priorities all wrong.