The Randomly Nothing thread




I phone problems again, won’t charge properly and battery dying really fast even when I’m not using it… Just as well my plan ends May 24.


About the charging thing. This might have nothing to do with your issue but a lot of ‘my iPhone won’t charge’ issues boil down to just dust clogging up the lightning port. Lot of people don’t know about that and just assume it’s a phone/cable issue.

Finding anything thin enough to scrape it out is another matter lol.


Cheers I will give it a go.


Try some compressed air. You can get it in cans with a straw attachment that blows out dirt from crevices like phone ports, computer crevices, etc.


:joy::joy: I lasted until about 28 seconds before he went. Good effort from me tbf tho


Shit I got beat




Note to self: don’t eat thai food before playing football. Had to do a Sergio Ramos during the game and now can’t stop shitting after.


Absolutely love when the bbc post stuff like this as their is always droves of cunts saying THIS ISN’T NEWS!!1! I PAY MY LICENSE FEE FOR THIS.


I get more fucked off when they send out a breaking news alert on their app and the news is that Meghan Markle’s dad won’t be at the wedding or whatever.

That’s not breaking news. Ever. In any universe or reality.


I hear Laurel


I’ve heard both


Haha they even use the bbc news theme and your like wonder what’s just broke and it’s some nonsense story like one you said :joy:


I only hear Laurel.






My girlfriend always gets embarrassed and shushes me when we’re on the tube and I mention how grim and downbeat everyone always is.

I don’t know why she does it, everyone would 100% agree with me if they were asked.

The tube is where happiness goes to die.


Somebody should have thrown a shoe at the kid for being a disruptive little cunt.

Don’t parents teach their kids that tubes are a lonely and sad place where nobody speaks or makes eye contact? Where dreams go to die and people lose all faith in humanity?

Fucking country is going to the dogs. Have no idea what they teach in schools these days.


Hopefully that moment removes any ounce of optimism that kid had in the general public. Welcome to misery!