The Randomly Nothing thread


TA#6 mostly, I believe.

I’m not trusted to behave myself on twitter


Just seen Claude from arsenal fan tv has been suspended from twitter :joy::joy: what did he do :joy:


Thought you’d blocked them :thinking::wink:

But legit he needs help as I maintain


I did but can’t help people on my timeline talking about him lol


@Electrifying I don’t know who you are man without Pokesenal. :arteta:


thought i’d make a change for Big Weng’s sake before I change in anticipation of the new manager.

Needed one of circa 2001-2005 Don Wenger to remember the good times innit.

The Magikarp will come back when Arteta is confirmed as manager don’t you worry.


I love stupid people on quiz shows


Comprehension skills guys


What the fuck! :joy:


Some woman on Millionaire the other day lost quite a bit on a question about Foreign Secretary before Boris. She asked the host (Jeremy Clarkson) and he thought it was Hague and so did she. She phoned a friend (her husband) and he said Hammond. They were wrong, he was right.

Listen to ya husband once in a while. :laughing:


I watched the first two episodes but then stopped. I swear they just rounded up the most stupid people they could find for each episode :joy:


That would be any audience member from X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent then :grinning:


i’m up to date except for last night’s. Should just call the show “Take home a Grand”.


It’s actually incredible how much this has happened. Jezza is gettting more and more annoyed each time it happens :joy:


I’ve been watching quite a lot too and it’s ridiculous how many people are leaving with a grand lol.

That one person who used the 50/50 and had St Jude and St Jeremy left as potential answers to the question of who is the Catholic patron Saint of lost causes.

Stupid wanker actually chose St Jeremy, I was actually sat there raging at my telly


Wow that’s pretty fucking obvious.


I don’t understand why none of them want to use the safety thing.

And everyone knows thunderbird 5 is in fucking space.


I just kept saying THUNDERBIRD 4!! like 12 times. :arteta:


Absolutely cracking day in Edinburgh today !:sunny::beers:


Cream tea is the best dessert combo in the world. Elite.