The Randomly Nothing thread


The piccadilly line is a piece of shit


Did I miss out on a meet up?!


I can send you a video if you want…


Where’s @Burgundy at?


How to be a beta 101

Harry needs r/theredpill


He hit it didn’t he? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Wondered where Oliver went! I only assumed he’d fallen out with Jake and his insufferable ways but there you go :jakey:

No @GunnerGirl either? Coincidence? :cech:


By the way, who can touch their nose with their tongue?






A very long thread but holy fuck it’s picked my mood right up. Give it a read folks. :joy:


“I knew if I stopped concentrating for one second, I would become time itself” :joy:

Fuck me that whole thread is an amazing description of ketamine.


I’m still alive haha, just very disillusioned with Arsenal recently but the nightmare is almost over :grinning:


Finally!!! :joy::joy:


Now some blokes just need to hope they’re lucky and he won’t have to wash 'em. :grin:



@Cristo you should be ashamed of these brethren.


Someone at OA HQ is doing Twitter correctly. :sunglasses:


Fucking tool. That’s it.


Who actually runs the OA twitter account?


Good effort.

He really is a hypocritical narcissistic shitbag isn’t he?