The Randomly Nothing thread


Lol my hairline is what it always has been. But thanks for making me self conscious about my massive forehead you insensitive cunt


Fucking Heineken. It’s all about Carling you poncy yuppie fucks


It’s not just your forehead. Your whole head is massive.


Jakey looks like a non-fat Goetze in that pic. :hushed:


Are you in love now doctor?


Carling is fucking hanging. Same as all this bud light/Coors light shit that seems to have invaded the country since I’ve returned :grimacing:


Jesus christ these comments are savage.

I think you look good Jakeybro.


I actually like most beers but heineken and bud are the two I couldn’t drink more than a pint of.


Jupiler, Hertogh Jan, Tsingtao or Corona for me

Not a fan of Heineken.


The last beer I had was the blonde ale at this joint. Was pretty damn good actually.


No beer snob here @Calum. Pretty much 95% of the time I drink alcohol it’s :beer:


Why am I dying at this :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Because you’re a wasteman


Yeah it’s not even funny


FFS :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:




The transformation into this character is breathtaking.


I remember when Steve Coogan was asked who Alan Partridge was based on and he said, a bit of Tony Blackburn, a bit of Alan Freeman, and bit of David Coleman, and a huge slice of Richard Madeley.


I feel like this is where it would have gone if he hadn’t terminated the interview