The Randomly Nothing thread


You cunts are young. Colour screens on your first phone lol


same here. forgetting I was carrying it in my jeans pocket at school I dug that fucking antenna into my groin whenever I sat down so many times that area at the top of the thigh itches right now just from me writing about it 20 years later.




Go home you’re drunk.


I’m actually entirely sober


Usually you don’t talk to yourself :slight_smile:


Not on here anyway


Do you realise you quoted yourself? :joy::joy:

Actual dying of laughter the FULL CAPS got me :joy:


Might not be exactly right but I think it is. This was an analog phone ffs!!


Yeah I did it on purpose :slight_smile: I was stepping up the old before my time shtick from the first post

My first phone was the Nokia 5146, I had a bad boy see through yellowy green case on it


I still don’t have a mobile. Can’t see a need for one.



Are you one of the few people left on the planet who still uses a house phone?


My mobile is my third hand. Would honestly not know what to do without it


Smart man tbh. I wouldn’t have one either if it wasn’t necessary for my work etc. I really don’t like the idea of anyone being able to call you at any moment and think they are going to get in contact with you immediately. How the fuck are you supposed to hide from your family nowadays?


A dirty though got popped into my head then



To be able to cancel plans last minute of course


Fair play. It’s not a popular choice in today’s world.

I personally think with everything a phone can do nowadays it definitely makes life easier. I think you could say the same about a car, especially if you live in or near a city, but again having one just makes life that bit easier. Each to their own though. :slight_smile:


Cell phones are a scam. You have to buy a new phone every year. They purposely fuck up the cell phones with the updates. Make them run slower ect. So that’s about $900 per year plus the cost of the cell plan and data. It’s bull shit tbh.


There is zero reason to be buying a new mobile every year. And if you did, there is zero reason to be paying that much for one.


Yea but only if you’re a flashy dope who will only buy the latest model.