The Randomly Nothing thread


Lol no you don’t


My cell phone never lasts more than maybe 18 months. The software updates purposely fuck up the phone, and nothing you do data wise can keep the hard drive from getting full.


But if you guys say so I must be doing something wrong. How long can you guys keep your phones going? Another issue I’ve had in the past is the battery life dies so quickly after about a year. I’ve bought new batteries but it doesn’t solve the issue.


Don’t update lol. Especially if you’re apple.

Like you said, the new updates usually have bulkier software that older hardware models can’t deal with as well, so it impacts the older hardware in terms of speed and battery life more.

Just keep to the older software and ignore the notification s.


Yeah I stopped updating. The biggest iritation for me is the battery power draining so quick with no solution. I work from my phone so maybe I use it a lot more than the average Joe. Texting, phone calls and email are pretty much non stop.


Do you charge your phone overnight? That fucks the battery up. I’ve never had a software update that didn’t improve my phone. Are you using a windows phone or something?


I guess just buy one of those portable chargers? Yeah, I guess if you’re working from your phone then you do need to keep buying new ones, but in that case you should probably get your company to pay for it as a work expense, no?

Can’t imagine working from my phone, that would be terrible. Barely even touch my phone when I’m near an actual computer, whatsapp web is gold.


Yes yes, I do get an allowance for my phone, but I’d rather phones be more reliable so i could pocket that money lol. I have an android btw so yes sometimes I so charge my phone overnight but once it’s full it stops charging automatically. I have a work issued ipad too but business has changed everyone just texts nowadays.


I get you. That is what happens when you watch a lot of porn


@JakeyBoy see I am desirable. This is what I deal with…


Sure, I still use a house phone :). Why not? I’ve been fine all these years without a cellphone. I don’t need to be yakking every couple of minutes.

Like A4TT, I don’t like being on the end of an expensive tether (that’s how I view cellphones). The last place I worked they wanted me to have a cell, and I told them straight “No thanks, I don’t want to be like a dog on the end of a lead.” And then I’d hear on Monday mornings, “I had to come in yesterday. Fuck, I was taking my kid to hockey.” Mugs. I wasn’t having any of that shit.


Get a fucking grip Harry



Batteries die on phones, it’s normally easy enough and cheap enough to replace them. My phone was £250 27 months ago. Battery is still sufficient, screen is still sharp, never noticed it be slow in any scenario.

Phones have had pretty much zero innovation in the past 4 years, so there’s no need to buy the latest $900 one. It’s just a con by the big manufacturers. You don’t need a 4K display on a 5 inch device, nor do you need the latest processor or 6gb of RAM or a slightly better camera, these are simply the only places that they can say “see it’s better than last year’s!”.


Did you really just screenshot a chat to prove people fancy you? :see_no_evil:


Ahhh that’s really interesting to hear.

Good to know!

I had to replace my Sony Xperia Z5 compact last September/October because I dropped it like a fool but that thing served me like a champ. I loved it.

I ended up getting an iPhone SE because of its compact size and reasonable offer from O2 (12gb data per month and the iPhone SE with no upfront cost at all for £22 a month).

The battery is already almost fucked but taking Facebook app off my phone definitely helped.

All in all I love the iPhone SE but would happily go back to Sony or any other android I’m the future.


I have an iPhone 7 Plus 128gb and I don’t anticipate that’ll change anytime soon. The only thing I may need is more memory sometime in the future but not anytime soon.






I imagined that’s what @Phoebica’s OA inbox is like too


Well yeah. I can’t keep up…

Actually… that is why Oliver doesn’t post any more. He fell in love with me and OA just reminds him of rejection

True story